Onigiri For Breakfast

Seen here is Sakura Miku-chan eating her onigiri. My mornings are usually like this – very early, leisurely, and yummy. I love to wake up early because I can do more and I don’t need to hurry up to get ready for work.

According to Forbes, apparently people who wake up early has its perks like

-they are more proactive

-they are more of a planner

-they are more optimistic and such.

To me, I have this quiet moment wherein I can post an entry to my blog, watch two to three episodes of anime downloaded overnight, and I come to the office earlier than expected. It reduces your stress level too since you don’t need to hurry for work and when you arrive, you can still relax before starting your actual work.

Sakura-chan here is quite energetic but she goes to bed early and wakes up early. I eat my favorite bread while she munches on that かわいいおにぎり (kawaii onigiri).

How about you? Are you an early bird or the typical anime personality who screams “遅刻だ、遅刻だ” (chikoku da, chikoku da – I’m late, I’m late)? (;≧皿≦)



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