Who Is Super Sonico?

At first I thought that I should blog about who Hatsune Miku is but I really wanted to write something about Sonico-chan. Super Sonico is the official mascot for the Nitro Super Sonico music festival held every year. Tsuji Sanda of Nitro+ was responsible for her birth. Nitro+ BTW is a company who produces visual novels, eroge, boy’s love novels, and your highly popular series Fate/stay.

She was first introduced in October 14, 2006 thus her birth date shown in your favorite character profiling site (saw on some sites that she’s 18 years old so the math’s kinda off). She also appeared in a video game called SoniComi wherein you play as Sonico’s cameraman – you both film and court her…so I’ll let your imagination decide on what game that is. (◎_◎;)

The child like face but, err, a fully grown woman’s body surely clicked. Before you know it, different merchandise like figures, dakimakuras, towels, and many more popped out. She was a huge success. I recently got one figure for myself and I must say it was a blast taking photographs of this figure. It’s like you’re a gravure photographer. (´ω`♡%)

No anime has been based on her and pretty much everything else about her is plainly, she’s Nitro+’s mascot. I guess you can compare her situation with Mirai Suenaga minus the anime stuff. BTW, there is a 1/2 scale figure of Super Sonico upcoming. Ask Google about it. It’s about four times the height of a 1.5 litre Coke!!

Click on the pictures to view in slideshow. HiRes and the rated R pictures here: Flickr


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