My GSC Entry

Please click on the picture below to view it via the GSC Website. Lovely as well if you could click “GOOD” for her. ありがとうね!

Inspiration comes whenever I get an idea and rush things to make it happen. Haste makes waste isn’t applicable to me when I move into “inspired mode”. It’s similar to an appetite that you should satisfy within a very short amount of time. Our appetite lasts for a very small amount of time – some just in minutes. It depends per person and how hungry you are. This explains why you are sooooo full when having a dinner date compared to eating your meal as fast as you can. Dinner dates usually comes with chatting with your partner. You eat at a longer amount of time which is just enough time to get your appetite calm down.

Strike while the iron is still hot. This is what I do when I’m inspired. When I saw that GSC was holding a contest on figures, I had to do this. My mind went haywire on ideas. I was thinking of going to the nearest park in the morning to do the shoot. Unfortunately, it’s the rainy season here and I might not be able to do the shot I want. I was not familiar with the spots in the park too which made the idea less attractive.

Then I saw a bottle full of sand from Boracay. *IDEA*. Shiki was perfect for this as she had that composed and cool walking posture. I turned our whole dining table into a beach! It was fun, calculating, and tiresome. BUT it was fun. I only hated the part when I had to clean up. (。┰ω┰。)

I really love figure photography and this picture defines my hobby. Hope you can support my entry at the GSC Contest! (●´∀`●)

I’d gladly support yours as well so update me in the comments.  (☆^O^☆)

Here is how it will look like when you’re on the page.

Please click me. Thank you! :)

Please click me. Thank you! 🙂


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