Beach Queens Nate Mitotsudaira

I’m not sure if anyone watches Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere but I sure do. I find the story stale, no peaks and downs but I really enjoy watching the characters. Their design and proportions are a perfect fit to my tastes. I first got Horizon Ariadust herself in this series which I plan to do a photo retake of. She was one of the firsts in my collection. She was also the first figure I bought that went up to five digits in Philippine peso. She was rare when I got her being a Dengeki Exclusive with no re-release in their plan.


Hmm. She’s so hidden that if you do an image search via Google “Nate Mitotsudaira Beach Queens”, my shots actually appears as the fourth (OMG 4th!!) entry. (`・ω・´)”

I feel like I'm famous. Hahaha!

Going back…

But enough of me and Horizon. This is about Nate who is a half werewolf. I love it when she’s in her tame mode like the time Horizon fed her meat. She was so cute.  (●♡∀♡). She’s also voice by one of my favorite female voice actresses, Marina Inoue (Kana Minami of Minami-ke, Matsurika of Maria Holic, Momoka of SKET Dance and I can go forever!).

Without further ado, here she is. Don’t mind her being a pettanko. It suits her very well. I’d also applaud someone who can do a cosplay of her – look at that hair style.

Trivia: Ariadust is the reverse of Tsudaira in the Mitotsudaira. I’d name my daughter Ariadust while my son Tsudaira if I could. (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

First shot is my fave.

I love her stare!


4 thoughts on “Beach Queens Nate Mitotsudaira

    1. Yup. She also has another version of this which I really wanted to get but I had no budget at that time so shame. 😦

      Thanks again! Glad you enjoyed the shots. I’m really looking forward to someone who will do a cosplay of her with that awesome hair. (`・ω・´)”

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