Nendoroid Yune – A review?

Probably not a review since she was released waaaayyyy too long ago. And this is my first Nendoroid review BTW. Haha! I just purchased her though and I’m quite happy with it. Her baffled expression (seen above) is priceless. I can use it on other Nendos and not worry about the eye color. (^_−)☆I’d had eyes on this Nendoroid ever since because of her cute expression and the kimono outfit. I’m a sucker for kimono/yukata outfitted figures. They’re just so elegant!  (´ ▽`).。o♡

Along with her expressions is the umbrella accessory seen above. I’d say that this accessory will come in handy as well. And did I mention that she has this bowing pose?? It’s common for Nendos nowadays (like Hakase and Nano’s) but still, that pose is an extra mile since they had to mold an extra pair of legs.

Definitely a good purchase and I hope to purchase more Nendoroids that I failed to purchase in the past. I enjoyed taking photos of her and Miku 2.0 enjoyed showing her around.

Enjoy her other photos and see the story of Miku 2.0 showing her around here. (`・ω・´)”

And here’s her bowing pose. Kawaii deshou??? (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))


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