Ignis – Endless Winter Jingai Makyou Figure Review

HiRes here.

And I am back with something that made me drool. When I saw this figure, it was immediate pre-order (I was not thinking at that time).

It’s not like me to pre-order immediately since I always check my budget, schedule and whatnots. But this figure really caught my attention. The dress, sword, hair… everything was stunning when I saw the pre-order preview pictures.

Ignis is from the adult visual game made by Nitro+, Jingai Makyo. She is a demon hunter and the Protector of Humanity…. and one of the characters you’d want to raise the love flags. She has other figures which are take off versions as well. I wanted to get them all but again, budget constraints, budget, budget. (´_`。)

But her figures are definitely in my wishlist. It was fun and difficult taking her photos! The curves, flow of the dress and hair made it difficult to light this beauty. I had to position the lights every shot to minimize the shadows but still, I was not 100% happy with my shots.


I’m thinking of purchasing a soft box to solve my problems but the action word is “purchase” so you get the point. LOL.

This is my first Orchid Seed figure and I think it’s well made. I’m just frustrated that the figure’s hair isn’t too smooth in texture. There are bumps and bits of excess PVC which you can see if you zoom enough in my photos. But nothing else needs polishing. You’ll still love the figure’s overall presence and make! Before I post my pictures, I suggest you view this image of Ignis first so you can appreciate the details of her dress especially those belts!!!

Jingai Makyo - Ignis

The gradient of the whites are also well placed. Enough to define the flow but not too much that it’d make the clothes look grayish. The flowers on the sword are just lovely – I’d love someone to cosplay her!  ( ´∀`)

This is a take off version but I won’t be publishing the R-18 stuffs here okay? Instead, you can run over to my Flickr account here to see her take it all off.

Enjoy viewing!  ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

Dusts… My worst enemy.

A little preview without the lower part of the dress.

Little by little, you can take her dress off.

More are taken off…

End of the show!!

Again, you can view my Flickr page for the adult stuffs. d(-_^)


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