Photoshop Experiment: Tsubasa Kazanari – Heaven’s Wrath Nendoroid

It’s a rainy weekend and I decided to shut myself in the house!

Nevertheless, I’m always itching to experiment on photography. Recently, I started outdoor photography as seen here in my Kobato Hasegawa post.

Today though, I got pretty interested in a little icon in my desktop. BTW, this is how my desktop looks… (๑・ω-)~♥”

My desktop...

So the little icon that got my attention was PS or Photoshop. In the past, I’ve always used Adobe Photoshop only for my watermarks. Never did I use it for extreme photo editing. Was always too lazy to do so but, hey, I got free time right now. (`・ω・´)”

I had this idea to mimic a scene in an anime with my Nendoroid. Then I saw Tsubasa-chan in front of my desk, waiting to be photographed. Instantly, I wanted to mimic this scene~

A scene from the first season of the anime So I figured, why not? Seems pretty basic.

With the help of Google-sensei, I started getting ideas on how to clean backgrounds and then transpose some images. Here’s how I did it step by step..

Or supposedly step by step. <(。_。)>

First, you take a picture of the subject and develop it in your favorite post processing software. In my case, it’s Adobe Lightroom.

Then you export it into your favorite file type. For me, it’s JPEG. It’s small and clean. Get’s the job done.

Open it in Adobe Photoshop and choose the Background Eraser Tool by right clicking the Eraser icon.

In my case, I used the continuous sampling method. You can experiment on the different methods. Continuous sampling is best for a complex background. If you shoot using a single colored clean background, I suggest that you use the “Sampling: Once” method right beside the Sampling Continuous one. You can brush away the single color background like crazy provided that your subject doesn’t have that color. Either way, brush out the background carefully first using a smaller brush like the one seen below.

Until you get a clean photo like this (mine’s not that clean… o(>< )o) If you have steady hands, I’ll bet you’ll have a better result.

Then open your background to be. Now we need to eliminate the current subject in the background to make way for the new subject.

You can use any lasso tool, whichever works for you. In my case, I’ll be using the polygonal lasso tool as the current subject can be covered by it.

After you’re happy with your selection, right click on it and choose “Fill”. Make use of the very handy “Content Aware” filling method.

And, tada~!! Almost cleanly gone.  O(≧∇≦)O

Neat tool huh? I really love this tool. Though there are times that it doesn’t work and will look like a cloning tool….

I left the tip of the sword on purpose. It will help me figure out where to rotate my new subject into this background

Using the tip of the sword, I transposed, resized and rotated my new subject like so….

Notice that it’s not like in the original scene that I wanted to mimic?

The scroll where the “Heaven’s Wrath” should be above the sword.

What should I do?? (´Д`。)

Oh! Let’s make use of the lasso tool once again! But first, let’s make a duplicate of this background. That’s where we will be cutting up stuffs.

Now I have my duplicate!  ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

Now you see those visibility icons beside the layers (the one that looks like eyes)? Click the original background and the new subject’s layer so they will become invisible.

Then use the lasso tool (I used the polygonal lasso again) to copy a part of the scroll.

Then use the hotkeys, “ctrl+c” and then “ctrl+v”.

This will create another layer containing only the part selected by the lasso tool like so….

Then make the layers visible once again.

Make sure the cut out scroll’s layer is above the new subject’s layer.

We are almost there!!!  d=(´▽`)=b

I just used a filter to blend the Nendoroid into the background. The final product should look like this…

Re-develop in Lightroom and then watermark!!!

I’m done!! Hurray for my first try!!! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・

Click on the photo for a better look.

What do you guys think? ☆*・゜゚・*\(^O^)/*・゜゚・*☆


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