Gift – Akemi Homura

Let’s get straight to the point, Puella Magica’s Homura Akemi is one of the most beautiful figures I’ve ever had. She deviates from the original artwork, but boy the maturity of this figure just takes me away.

This figure was originally a garage kit but Gift went away with making it as a pre-painted figure, a good move in my opinion. You might recognize this figure’s style. Familiar with Saber Lily by Gift as well? If you are, the sculptor is the same guy – Toda Satoshi.

I must say, the sculptor is improving! I was on the 50/50 side for his Saber works but then this release was just jaw dropping for me. Homura-chan is very beautiful in this mature version. Let’s have a quick peek at her beauty.

You see the very mature girly eye lashes? Very long and sharp eyes plus a dash of lipstick. This figure definitely screams mature beauty.

I’m even wishing that she was real!  (´∀`)♡

Now take a look at this shot so I can talk about how dynamic this figure is.

No special lighting here, just plain old figure and camera. Notice her hair, blouse, skirt, and ribbons. Every inch of detail in sync of the movement the sculptor is trying to portray. Even the eyes are looking the right way. I’m dying to take her out and photograph a point of view wherein she seems like she’s falling. I’d bet that will be a million dollar shot. Still thinking of how I would do it though.

Do shoot me a comment if you have any idea! (`・ω・´)”

I had two days thinking of how I should take a picture of this figure. I thought that I’d go with my usual which was using the box background included in the package. The photo looked like below.

Akemi Homura - Box BackgroundMy brother also thinks that this would be better since the figure pops out more. But I wanted to try something different. I was inspired of the prototype photos. These are the photos that Gift showed to us for the pre-order. If you Google it, you’ll notice that they used a dark background with a dash of gradient blue in the middle.

I wanted this effect so I was looking for ways on how I could do this.

Then it struck me. See my set-up here.

Set Up Concept

I do apologize for the mess in my room by it this is how my room looks like when I’m revving my creative juices. Don’t worry. I do clean it up after I’m done.  (≧∇≦)/

The idea is to point a flashlight at a dark background to produce the gradient effect. I used bent wires to hold the flashlight and make it stand behind Homura-chan. She’s big enough to cover the light and the wires. I’m pretty much happy with the effect.

New set-up idea!  (⌒▽⌒)☆

This helped me separate a figure with black palettes from a black background. Though I think my flashlight is not strong enough. Some shots barely shows gradient. I need to invest on a powerful flashlight. But still, it helps pop out that bad ass gun she’s holding. Marvel at her beautiful shield and gun thanks to this effect.

If you are familiar with Homuhomu’s shield, then you can smile and say with me that it’s very accurate. I’m loving the details of this figure more and more!

I really wish Satoshi-san will do more figure of the Puella Magi girls. I’d die if I can get my hands on a mature Mami-chan. Imagine the possibilities of a figure for her with the same beauty of this Homura figure.

Dokyuun~ (*°∀°)=3

But for now, I’m celebrating on my purchase – Homura-chan. Here are my other photos of her. I hope you like them!

Love that cute little ribbon on her back! See how even the tail end of her blouse sways? Feels so natural.  (_´ω`)

Homura: Mary me?

Dokyuun~ (*°∀°)=3

Till next time!!  O(≧∇≦)O


7 thoughts on “Gift – Akemi Homura

    1. Haha! It is. Though I think that was a good move. You can plug in more details with more real estate. 🙂 Thank you! It’s actually just a LED flashlight which you can buy at hardware stores for cheap. They come at different colors. But looks too weak for photography. Had to reduce shutter speed which increases the chance of blur. The effect was worth it in my opinion. 🙂

    1. Hi Sorawu! Thank you! Ah, the background I used here is the carton background included in her packaging. I just spread it out and placed it behind my light tent. 🙂

      1. Well,I see,thanks~
        i also took photos of my figure,but the color was very light.After finished browsing your blog, I found your photos a great inspiration to me~XD

      2. Thank you! I also saw your blog and you take nice photos as well!! I’m also editing my widget for blogrolls and I’ll be including yours once I finish it. 🙂

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