Cosmania 2013 – Figure Photos

I decided to break down my post into two. One post containing the figure photos and the other containing cosplay photos. I really didn’t like the lighting on the event.

It eats those without speedlites like me. o(>< )o

This event really showed me that I need a speedlite if I plan to take more photos in events like these. The venue was really dim and packed with people!! I really hope they plan events like these more carefully like having a one way zone and making walkways between booths wider.

Just my opinion. Some people love the chaos in these events. (`・ω・´)”

Well if you’re a cosplayer, I bet you’ll enjoy the atmosphere. As the the event title says, “Cosmania”, this is intended for cosplayers and cosplay lovers. Don’t expect too much goodies in this event. Here are my figure photos. Some are blurred. Pumped up ISO but as I’ve said, the venue was dim. I increased exposure in post production to make up for this. Some may looked blurred. They are. Some may looked very noisy. They are.  (・◇・)

Hope you enjoy my photos though! I’ll post my cosplay photos within the week!  (≧∇≦)/


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