Maid Yome – Yuki (Almost SFW)

Yup! This is (almost) safe for work! I’m not posting all her photos here. I can provide you the Flickr link later for those who are able and is legal to view NSFW photos.

First things first! Please respect the post as this was not meant to be your daily dose of R-18 photos. This is a post about a figure and I do hope people won’t label/judge collectors who collect such figures as perverts. Personally, I believe a small portion of ecchi figures are higher in quality (in terms of sculpt) compared to mainstream anime/game figures. This is because most cast off-able figures are more thought about in the creation process. They need to take into consideration the whole body (the case for Beach Queens as well) PLUS the mechanism in which the wardrobe can be cast off-able.

Most high quality figures are also done is that process. They don’t design the figure with the wardrobe. They start from the inside/bare body, then the wardrobe – something you can assure in cast off-able figures. d(-_^)

Well, in my opinion of course. Anyways! Let’s get back to Yuki! (´∀`)♡

Almost a year ago, Orchid Seed announced a set of NSFW figures. They took so long to release this figure, Yuki, but boy was the wait worth it. Thinking of completing the whole set but I need serious budgeting for it.

Hope our local figure stores have extra stocks that won’t be sold. Hahaha! (* >ω<)

Yuki was previewed without the cast off version but she obviously is a cast off version. I think this was a good move. It makes it more exciting to those who pre-ordered her – like me.

I’d say that she was really well sculpted. Again, I’m not showing it here but the details of her body is simply outstanding. Usually, I collect beautiful or cute figures. Beautiful being in the case of scales while cute being in the case for Nendoroids. This figure is both cute and beautiful. Her face is really cute. She looks at you like she’s….. hmm.. begging for something but at the same time her body is very beautiful.

This is her reference photo. Very enticing and I pre-ordered her quickly.


She earns a place in my favorite figures! (●´□`)♡

I won’t stall the fun any further. Here are her photos! I used tiles and bubbles to add some effect to her being in the bathroom.

Hope you enjoy my photos! (*´∀`*) Bottom most is the link to the NSFW photos.

No. Not this bottom most. Keep scrolling for the NSFW link. LOL. (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

I personally prefer her dressed. That effect that she’s on a wet shirt while tugging on the fabric. Oh my~ (♥ω♥ ) ~♪

Here’s the whole set on my Flickr! If you do have a Flickr account, please follow me if you enjoyed my photos. (⌒.−)=★


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