Guilty Gear Dizzy

Finally I’m getting back into my rhythm of producing contents for my blog. And it helps since hobbies help you refresh yourself. I really regret having those blank months of not being able to do photography of my figures.

Today, I’m going to show you Guilty Gear’s Dizzy. This is the one made by Alter. I wasn’t much into collecting yet when they released her for the first time. I was lucky enough that she had a re-release! I was so happy that I jumped the gun pre-ordering her without thinking of my budget. But all ended well and I got her. Sadly, only now was I able to take photos of her.

BUT! At least now, I did take photos of her. O(≧▽≦)O

I haven’t played the game but even so I can tell that her figure is simply lovely! Without further ado, here she is.

Isn’t she awesome? She sure is! She’s easily one of my favourite scale figures!

Her pose is simply lovely and the way she is portrayed is really sexy. Seems like how a cosplayer should pose for photo shoots.


More photos of her in different angles below!

Below, you’ll see that her face is somewhat expressive and at the same time not. But for me, it just fits. Dizzy is known to be a very kind hearted girl. Make her too seductive and you’ll destroy her image.

Now here, look at the collar bone details. It pretty much defines how lovely Dizzy’s body built is. Her elbows protruding upwards is a nice touch to her pose.

Lastly, her oppai are just right. Not too big and not too small. Everything about Alter Dizzy is just about right!


Now let’s go to her wings. First is Undine the Angel. The blues are spot on. Shades are enough to differentiate the robe from the Angel’s body.

Now the Devil or Necro is badass. I just hated the part where the blacks are very dusty. Had a hard time getting a clean shot of him.

Literally, a CLEAN shot. (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

But the blacks are awesome. You can still make out the flow of the robe.

All in all, the three of them looks awesome. I’d love another copy of her so I can stare at her in my office desk.

Don’t you just love how she stares at you!? (*°∀°)=3

Her skin colour is really lovely as well.


Now let’s take a look at her back. The wings fit nicely. No need to struggle putting them in. Fits easily but not loose for them to fall easily.

And look how the three of them balance out. But mind you, Dizzy can stand even with only one wing attached. This says much about planning the figure’s weight and pose. One wrong weight and she wouldn’t be able to stand like that.

And that’s it for my write up for Alter Dizzy. She’s a lovely figure all in all. I may be biased since I already fell in love with this figure before but I really think that you won’t be disappointed if you ordered her.

I hope you enjoyed my photos of her. I certainly did enjoy taking photos of Dizzy. She’s a real beauty!




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