Peace Keeper Daisy

I recently had a free day this week and I thought that it should be used for relaxation. Figure photography is relaxation for me. Then I saw Daisy was still unboxed. I’m so glad I unboxed her.

First photo of Daisy! 。(⌒∇⌒。)

Being a peace keeper, Daisy realises her goal by doing a very cute peace sign. I can’t get enough of her face! She is soooo pretty!

Some more photos of her in other angles. 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

In a close up shot of her back, you can see that her wings are translucent which is a very nice touch.

Can you see her hair silhouette?

For me, Daisy’s most striking feature as well as her selling point (this made me buy her) is her smiling face.

I can’t get enough of her smile! Sorry to bombard you with her smiling face.
Just two more close ups! (●´□`)♡

Now let’s go to Daisy’s outfit. She is wearing a necklace that I’m not that happy with. It has less details than the rest of the figure. Hoping they could’ve made the necklace more detailed by making the lines more etched. But most people don’t bother. It’s most likely a me thing that I’m talking about here.

When we go to her hair accessories though, they are gorgeously made! Feels like they’re metal when you look at them right? Don’t be fooled. These accessories are very delicate and fragile. They come separated when she’s in the box.

Next part of her wardrobe are her shoes.
They’re very cute! Gives a boost to Daisy’s airy feel. ლ(⌒▽⌒ლ)

Her outfit is really not that appropriate for a fairy BUT IT WORKS! Amazingly, her night gown (I think it is) fits her appearance easily.

Her undergarment is showing and her top is translucent. Can’t get enough of her belly button here. Her pelvic bones are nicely represented as well.

On top of her upper garment is a gown that flows nicely. Gives a feeling that she just landed. Though I really think that a pull from that cute ribbon on the middle of her chest will definitely show her awesome breasts.

I won’t argue with her choice of clothes though! (*^-’) 乃

At the back, her gown is closed with another ribbon. If she were real, a pull from this ribbon will also reveal her nice figure for sure.

Her wings are definitely inspired by a butterfly. It’s nicely done. You can also see how sexy her back is.

Daisy has a very nice behind. Notice those creases on her pantsu? Those small details make this figure sexier than she already is.

Gartered pantsu for the win!! d(-_^)

The pantsu creases are also evident from the front view.

Her belly button, pelvic bones, and groin lines are nicely expressed. Again, these subtle details just makes her sexier!

On this view, you can definitely see that her arms are pushing her breasts back.
The physics of Daisy’s breasts are spot on for me. ( ´∀`)

Overall, I really like her outfit. I like how the gown flows and those ribbons are a repeating theme making them all complement each other. (´ ▽`).。o♡

Hope you like my photos and review of her. I definitely don’t regret getting her. In fact, I’m looking forward to more of Tony’s Heroine Collection series.

Here are three more photos of her on a slightly top view. Enjoy! (‐^▽^‐)

Oh by the way, the stand is reversible should you wish to decorate her with flowers! Check out Skycell’s review of her. The author mentioned this feature at the last part of the review.


4 thoughts on “Peace Keeper Daisy

    1. Oh thank you! Yeah. I’d have to agree that the prototype’s difference can be easily distinguished. I looked at Amiami’s prototype when I was writing this post.

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