Smart Doll 001 – Mirai Suenaga

It’s my first doll and I couldn’t be more happy about her. Mirai-chan is really easy to work with! Though Danny wasn’t kidding when he said that the pants and shoes were a fit tight. I was scared of hurting Mirai-chan!

Definitely not the last time I’m going to take photos of her. (●´□`)♡


10 thoughts on “Smart Doll 001 – Mirai Suenaga

  1. Cool that you also got her, Mirai is also my first doll ^^
    She’s quite an enchanting little lady (ok, she’s rather big),
    every time I look at her face it makes me smile.

    nice pics 😉

    1. Oh yes! I remembered that you posted that you were planning to get her!

      I agree. She’s really pretty. Looking at her makes me want to dress her up in more cute outfits. I’m spending almost half of my free time looking up clothes for her. Uggh. Gonna change my whole hobby life. I’m shifting more to doll wardrobe and Nendoroids. Scales – only the real epic (or ecchi) ones.

      Did you take photos of her already? 🙂

      1. I got my Mirai from the second batch ^^
        Haha, tell me about it, I also like to look for fitting clothes for her, there are so many stores and auctions.
        I better not spoil her too much with new clothes.

        Yeah I took a few 100 pictures, but I don’t feel too confident about it yet, it’s quite different from figure photography.

      2. Hahaha! I have to stop browsing. I’m one click away from buying. ><

        Looking forward to your photos!! I agree that it's very different from figure photography. I have to do the poses myself then apply it to Mirai, THEN search for the perfect angle. Uggh. Hahaha

    1. I totally agree! I can’t stop looking at cute clothes for her! I’m thinking of shifting from a scale + Nendoroid collection routine to more of a doll clothes + Nendoroid/Scale routine. I can’t have both scale and Nendoroid in a month! Hahaha! Either way, it seems that the clothes for Mirai will be my top priority for now.

  2. Congrats on your first doll 🙂 Me too I got DD Makoto as my first doll. I hope to see Mirai-chan in person someday. 😀
    Good luck to us hunting clothes and shoes for our girls :3

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