Akatsubaki Houki Shinonono

Infinite Stratos is not one of the animes that I’d recommend to people but I love watching it anyway. Fan service, tsunderes, and harem.

Among the gals, Houki Shinonono would be my favorite alongside Charlotte Dunois. When I saw this form of her available for pre-order, I was happy but doubtful because it was Amiami who will manufacture the figure. But anyway, I pushed through with the purchase while contemplating how big the box will be. Just look at how big this figure is.

This shoot was not even done inside my photo box. I did it over the coffee table. Lighting was fun and challenging! I learned something new from this.

It didn’t come to mind that the wing would be separated and tucked into the box. If there were O-parts, these were H-parts… Uhh, H being Houki not the other H.

See those metal bars? These are used to lift two of her wings and Houki herself. I had a hard time assembling Houki. There are no manuals in the box! Though there is an online one. I had difficulty searching for it. The manual is helpful in knowing how to get things around without the fear of snapping her parts.

These are really thin and fragile parts. I was really scared attaching the wings to her. Another challenge was the fit of Houki’s backplate. It didn’t fit quite right. See the gap in the photo below?

That tight suit~ I mean gap is deadly! I tried to push it in but the mecha skirt attached to the back plate was so thin, I was risking of snapping it off. I didn’t push my luck. Though after attaching her wings, it was fairly enough to support its weight. I’d really appreciate it if the backplate did fit properly though.

Two out of the the three wings are passing on their weight on Houki’s backplate. Just imagine how heavy these wings are. Here’s a zoomed out view.

The last pair of wings are supported by a pair of metal bars attached to the base. Another two bent metal bars are used to support Houki. They are plugged into her two feet.

More on how these bars support the wings and Houki below. Marvel at how large the figure is as well. I didn’t take this photo for her pantsu, okay?

The base was really pretty. I loved how not so generic the base is (you know, ovals). Lovely design here. It goes well with how mecha Houki’s form is.

Now for Houki’s face and expression. It’s so.. I can’t explain it well but the face kind of lacks details for me. IT IS very close to how Houki looks like. Maybe it’s how there is no depth in her facial features that makes it look so 2D instead of 3D. It was a safe choice here. I’m happy but I could’ve been happier.

Another angle.

Overall, I’m happy with Houki. I really didn’t expect the back plate to support the wings nicely. I carried her by the base and nothing went loose. Really a plus there!

Houki is not a figure you’d get if you’ll just let her be in the box. She’s meant to be assembled and displayed. She really looks awesome. Nice shines on her paint where it should shine and consistent theme up until the base will make it worth it to showcase her in your room (or office desk).

Armpit and breasts details are a-okay.

Thanks for reading my post!


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