I love taking photos of my figures. This blog is aimed to keep me inspired as well as share that inspiration to other figure lovers out there. I am new to this and I am hoping that I can learn from you guys as well.

I started collecting figures since June 2012, exactly a year before I started this blog – June 2013. I was very new on both figure collecting and photography and I may say that I am still an amateur myself. I currently collect scale figures like Shiki here and Nendoroids like Mirai-chan. I also do some cosplay photography whenever there are events here (seen below is Angel-san cosplaying as Events Planner Irine from Dragon Nest).


I started this blog partly because my friend and fellow collector told me to do so. But to make things clear, I’m not doing this just for that. I browsed some blogs and I find it fascinating. They can post their love for their hobby and relate it to everyday life. It’s like talking to others who share the same passion as I have.

In this blog, I’ll be posting scale figure pictures like Yui Takamura’s here and Nendoroids helping me out explain some Filipino cultures that I will write about like this one. This way I can share the Filipino culture as well as my figure photography hobby. Whenever there are events, I will be updating this blog too and flood you guys with beautiful cosplay and venue pictures.

Let's rock Miku!

Let’s rock Miku!

I’m really looking forward to meeting other collectors and photographers so I can learn from them. I’ll try my best to update this blog at least once a week so let’s stay connected!

Oh you can always suggest what figure I should do a shoot or review of. (⌒.−)=★



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      1. Agree. The only thing against you is your own perseverance to try and try. Sometimes it’s discouraging but you have to look at the long term benefits of trying and trying even if it makes you feel like a loser.

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